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Thoughts flow astray in the wind…

Many years ago it was brought to my attention the idea of “blogging”. I’ve heard the words over & over “Elle, you should be a writer.” As you can probably imagine, I always laughed it off because let’s me honest, I’m no writer. I’m just a girl with a whirlwind of thoughts constantly flying out from different directions.  Sometimes it is positive, sometimes negative, mostly cliche & yet, I think they might be right….

I tried blogging but I wasn’t really committed to the idea so it fell by the wayside until just recently when I had this euphoric moment. What if this, my words, is all I get to leave begin?

Welcome to my tornado of emotions, thoughts, opinions, Adventures and discoveries!

This is me. Elle.

Here I am, blogging… but not because someone said I should. Because, one day I woke up & had to put the words in black in white.

If we allow people’s words to control us than we are merely like a chime being whipped in the wind with no control of which direction we sway.

I have made a strong choice the past few years to go in my own direction. To sway My way. I will not be wound up and blown in any direction, instead I will flow in the direction I choose and make my own whimsical music in the wind. How beautiful the sounds will ring!

What I’ve learned is that we have to take the time to really learn who we are and what grinds our gears. We have to take full ownership and residency in that place. Once you reside in that perfect place (even if flawed and broken) you can find the strength and empowerment to truly be who you are and continue to examine the inner most parts of your being. I find this to be a really special and magical place. In this place I can move to the beat of  my drum and make whatever beats my heart desires. I can stand strongly on the mountain of confidence and roar with all the might that comes from my overly abundant self confidence – that I am still working on building. But isn’t that the adventure! You can learn to not just emulate love but to be love. To love from the inside out.

After all is it not the inner most depths of our soul that creates the outermost beings we are?

Welcome to my heart. My mind. My whirlwind.

Tally Ho

• Elle

One thought on “Thoughts flow astray in the wind…

  1. Thank you Sunshine for inviting me to read your blog, yet most importantly to invite me into a special place in getting to know your story; your journe. You have evolved into a beautiful woman….Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit. I am forever blessed to be called your Mom and to be the first to see you take your first breath; to be the first to see your first tears; as you entered into this world…. to be the first to watch your first steps; to hear your first words; to watch you fall and to pick you up. There was a time, 33 + years ago, that Cheerios (©,) put a smile on your face when you would fall or cry…..and then, I realized into your adulthood, when you had fallen, Cheerios (©) no longer fixed the ouches of life and life as we knew it, was not a boardgame, yet a reality . The hardest lesson as a “Mother”, is to realize that I could no longer pick you up and fix your wounds from life. Elle, you will forever be my Monarch Butterfly, to which I am eternally proud and grateful for the gift of you in my life. Thank you for being my Sunshinr. I wish you nothing less, than God’s best. Thank you for the days that you have offered mentoring; for the days you gave me a shoulder to cry on. The amazing truth that as children become adults, the adult/child roles change. To hear you speak wisdom above your years; words that I had spoken to you over years past, as you evolved into the beYOUtiful woman that you are….As I hear those words spoken from you, to me, my heart smiles through my tears, realizing that the many times, as a parent, I thought you didn’t listen, however I was wrong. If there were a rewind button in life, would I change things? Yes; Simply I would’ve allowed you to pick yourself up sooner in life; I wouldn’t have touched your wings in releasing you, my monarch butterfly. I look forward to getting to know you, as adults. As your Mother, I look forward to getting to know your Captain, your Prince, your life partner. I invite him to also resignate a special place in my heart. Thank you Elle…
    BTW…..When are we going to write a book together?


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