Thoughts From Elle

Winning the Race 

📷 credit • Image From Morgan Zion ©
Reflecting back on thoughts –

September 4, 2016

“Look into my inside. Look inside this skin. Strip away the makeup. Forgetting all the sin. Seeing through the darkness. Beaming love & light. This life in me is broken. I may not get it right. But deep within my insides, Deep within this skin Is a soul that’s deeply yearning To rise above & win. WIN. Win the race I’m running, Win this race of life. Win this race I’m running, With gratitude & fight. Win the race I’m running. The gentle race of life.” -Elle
… When you open your heart so wide that everything you feel surfaces & begins to spill out, you recognize that gratitude, thanksgiving, humbleness, inspiration, adoration and celebration will begin to spill out.
You will be thankful for the mistakes you’ve made and the broken relationships you’ve endured.

You will have gratitude in your heart for those that have hurt you, that have cracked your spirit, and those that have left emotional scars.

You will rejoice in thanksgiving because all of these people & all of these circumstances have molded you into the divine being that you are.

You will recognize those that have helped you grow & changed your life through blessings and through pain.

You will be awakened by the power that lies within your heart and in those moments your life will light up & overflow with love. You will become a lighthouse.

In those moments, you will recognize that you have taken strides in your race & you are moving forward to win the prize.

You will realize that you are growing!

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