Cookie Dough… Yes Please 

Yesterday I did a thing. 🍪

• No Salt • No Eggs • No Butter • No wheat of grain based Flour.

I’ve been seeing Edible Cookie Dough a lot lately in stores, in cafes and from other of people. Recently a friend shared her Vegan recipe and of course I became curious because… I mean, who doesn’t love cookie dough right! 🍪

After reading the ingredients I knew I wanted to try this treat but I also knew certain ingredients wouldn’t agree with my body so I took the time to do some research and experimenting myself and found a recipe that worked for me & tastes wonderful!

Moral to the story: regardless of what the recipe is, there is always a way to make it work for you!

Don’t sacrifice your goals or your bodies health for a quick fix.

Edible Cookie Dough (Elle’s Way)

– 2 TBS – Banana

– 2 TBS – Coconut Flour

– 2 TBS – Almond Milk

– 1 TSP – Brown Sugar

– Splash of Vanilla

– Sweetener of your choice Optional  (I added a splash of dark agave nectar)

– Chocolate chips (I used Dark chocolate)

Mix all together in a bowl until blended to your liking, grab a spoon & Enjoy!


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