Thoughts From Elle


I LOVE that we are blessed to have soulmateS – Emphasis on the S! I have many soulmates. Some have moved onto new chapters in their lives and are a distant memory that forever changed me and some I am still very connected too. Some I speak to often and others rarely but no amount of time could pass that would change the way we communicate and connect. A soulmate, Or as I like to refer to them, my “Anam Cara”, the people that hold the other side of the magnet to my soul. My people. My tribe. I often here people refer to  their “tribe” as the community of people in their life (friends, family, accountability, encouragers, etc.) the people they spend the most time with. I like to think of “My Tribe” as the people I’m deeply bonded too. I have Many SoulmateS, and I wouldn’t change a thing about my relationship with any one of them, past or present. I’m even excited for the ones to come in my future.  I have to say…. I am extremely blessed to have an Amazing Tribe! When the Universe aligns divine arrangements in your life with someone you connect with on a deep and intimate level… appreciate the moments they are there. A soulmate can be anyone, for any reason, at anytime that pierces your heart so deeply and leaves an impression on who you are and who you will become.  Someone you simply feel connected to as if you’ve known them since the day you were born. Without explanation, your souls are bonded,  it doesn’t have to be a romantic connection and most often isn’t however it will always be an intimate one. A connection that is special and untouchable.  Most importantly, Don’t be upset when the tides change direction in your life but instead, overflow with gratitude for the impressions they left in the sands of your heart. -Elle ❤️

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