Sweet Delights 

When you are as full as can be after having your first bowl of authentic "Ramen" Noodles in California but you walk past the most heavenly little tiny shop and know without a doubt, you HAVE to go inside! That's exactly what I did and I am so glad I did because look at these sweet delights! Take me back to Cali & feed me all the food! How about these incredible Macaroons & handmade chocolate! This little place was noted as the Best macaroons in LA & I'm not even kidding you, they were heavenly! Like little clouds of goodness that melted in your mouth! I have never had a macaroon so fresh and airy and don't even get me started on the flavors!

Please pause for a brief moment to collect our thoughts since we are all now drooling!

I mean, hold on, can we just stop for a second and talk about little Buddha man which Obviously I saved for last & was the BEST one (in my opinion of course) This little dark chocolate shell with melted salted caramel on the inside of his Buddha belly!  Umm Yes please! I'll take two! I decided to go for a mixed box of goodies which is great because I got to choose all of my own pieces to custom make my own box of chocolate and heavenly cookies!

In all I Chose (L-R) Macaroons : Salted Caramel, Pistachio & Creme Brûlée. Chocolates (L-R) Salted Dark Chocolate, Buddha (see above), Hazelnut & Green Tea.

So if you're ever in Santa Monica be sure to pop into Chocolate Opulence and scoop yourself up some goodies! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Next stop, France! Oh how I wish!

Ciao Bellas

One thought on “Sweet Delights 

  1. I love it and can’t wait to visit Santa Monica and this little gem of a shop where all this deliciousness resides. Thanks for sharing my dear friend.


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