Donut worry, Be Happy 

My best day in San Fransisco started with a trip to Phil's Coffee followed by a stroll to Dynamo donuts where you order your donut sidewalk side at a little counter window. Since we already grabbed our coffee we decided to go straight to the punch and dive into doughnuts!

We ordered a caramel apple & bacon maple donut and made our way inside to literally devour our "breakfast". At first bite I thought to myself, "I think they may have given me the wrong donut" but wether it was right or wrong didn't matter to me because it was amazing! The Dough was seriously incredibly light and practically melted in your mouth. The flavors were super unique and not overly sweet! Naturally I had to sneak a bite of Scott's maple bacon donut because it's not everyday you're in San Fransisco experiencing little food joints! Let me just tell you, the maple was a sweet contrast to the crispy bacon. The pairing was super unique but again not overly sweet! We sat and ate our donuts in what seemed like less than 60 seconds while we watched the employees (master doughnut makers) literally create magic right in front of us. From shaping doughnuts to frosting them to making sure the counter had Fresh out of the oven goodness to deliver to each patron. It was entertaining! We went to Dynamo on The Friday before San Francisco's annual Pride Parade. No big deal right? Wrong! This was a big deal because the people of SF celebrate equal rights of all humans and accepting all gender preferences and lifestyles! Why does that matter Elle? I'll tell you! While we sat there watching, they were creating special donuts for Sunday – The day of the Pride Parade. Hand cutting little Rainbow Hearts for each and every custom made donut.

I was in complete awe of the time and attention they gave to each and every doughnut, making it an art, not just a "job". Truly a comfortable atmosphere and enjoyable experience having a doughnut! As we began to leave I had to snap a few photos of some of the toppings because I was in pure wonder of the process. As I approached the donut making station, one of the young ladies asked us if we have ever been in the courtyard where they get a lot of their own spices and herbs fresh from their garden. DD uses Oraganic, Local, Fresh and seasonal ingredients whenever possible! (Apparently as tourists we stuck out like sore thumbs and had no idea about the courtyard) So, we walked down this short boardwalk to the back of Dynamo Donuts that opened up into this darling courtyard with flowers and herbs everywhere! (Imagine standing in the middle of a field right out of an Alice in Wonderland scene and this is how I felt!) The Lavender made an entire wall of fresh beauty!

Such a quaint, small place with a Huge, lasting impression all because of a few doughnuts!

If you're ever in San Fransisco, take some time to head on over and grab a doughnut at Dynamo Donuts and chat with the locals. 🍩

This was just the start to my favorite day in SF and a great start it was!

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