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Woosah! No…I meant Noosa! 

I was recently skimming through Instagram when I stumbled upon a photo posted by my dear friend Sonia. It was a photo filled with all things coconut and Noosa yogurt. I immediately sent her a text message that read something along the lines of, “Umm… I just saw your IG photo and I need to know all the details!” Sonia swiftly sent back a reply (I’m sure followed by some giggles) about this amazing yogurt she discovered. Noosa!

You know me, loving food and all…  you better believe I was on the immediate hunt wanting to know more! I typically don’t care for yogurt, I don’t know why… I’m pretty Un-American in that way. I actually don’t like a lot of typical “American liked” foods. That’s a whole other story for a different day but the fact was, for some reason, I was intrigued by her excitement over yogurt. The story goes something to the tune of – Sonia purchased this yogurt and made a super fun Watermelon & berries “pizza” for snack one day and used Noosa as the “sauce” for her fruit pizza. (The Recipe is posted below!) When she shared this image on her Instagram  feed, she tagged Noosa without thought. Noosa saw her image and reached out to her for her address. Naturally thinking nothing of it, Sonia thought maybe they were going to send her some coupons for their product which she was super stoked about! A few weeks passed and she came home to a package full of goodies from Noosa. I’m talking cute coconut socks, coconut beauty products, a coconut candle, “My Noosa Spoon” stamped spoon and of course, some coconut Noosa! That’s a great treat to come home to if you ask me! 

There is nothing I love more than a company that appreciates their customers and gives back but I also love products that are healthy and not full of a bunch of crap! (In other words a shit storm of chemicals and additives) so Noosa had me curious for sure!

I immediately jumped online and did some reading about the company and of course ran to the store to try it out for myself. (Keep in mind I don’t normally care for yogurt)  Here is what I learned about Noosa.

Noosa uses farm to fridge milk meaning that all of the milk that is used in making Noosa yogurt comes directly from the farmers. This means it is always fresh. How do they know this? Noosa has established personal relationships with all of the farmers that they get their milk from and the milk comes from no more than 40 miles from their headquarters located in Colorado. This means the milk is never shipped across the country! It gets better! My favorite! Honey! Lets talk about honey! All of the Noosa “yoghurt” as they call it is made with pure honey (Pure Clover Alfalfa Honey to be exact,with the exception of The plain yoghurt). It gets better friends! The honey used in the manufacturing of each Noosa yoghurt is local honey from Elizabeth CO. That means we are 2 for 2 on the made in the USA by local farmers! (Big stars in my book!) Ready for 3 for 3?! All of the fruit flavors in each fruit yoghurt is carefully chosen to be the ripest and most flavorful fruits from around the US! That means Fresh fruit makes up the flavors! Not some scientifically modified fruit flavor or syrup!  Another fun fact about Noosa! They are 100% supporters in recycling and giving back to the planet! 100% of the water used in cleaning and washing tools and equipment in their factory gets put back to good use in helping to irrigate the crops on the Noosa Farmland!

Here is the top it all off moment for me! ALL Noosa yoghurt is Certified GMO Free! The milk cows are never ever treated with RBGH! In case you were wondering, RGBH aka: Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone is genetically engineered variants of a natural hormone that is produced by cows. This is then injected into the cows to help boost their production by approximately 10% however causes the cows in some cases to experience reproductive complications, mastitis and other medical issues! YUCK & not cool!

Noosa yoghurt is a wonderful source of Calcium and protein,  Noosa also contains live active cultures and probiotics and it IS GLUTEN FREE! The additional sugars (other than honey) that are found in Noosa are from cane Sugar and natural sugars from the Milk and fruit! WIN! WIN! WIN!

Ok, I know you’re thinking at this point “Enough of the boring “from the company stuff”, right?!

I personally enjoyed learning these facts but here is what really counts!

Elle’s thoughts- For a girl who typically doesn’t care for yogurt, maybe its the texture or the sour cultured milk taste? Greek yogurt (although claimed healthy) still tastes sour and tart to me so I don’t particularly care for it unless I’m using it to cook in a recipe which I do quite often but…. wait for it….


It’s so incredibly creamy and doesn’t at all have a bitter or tart aftertaste! Add on the farm fresh ingredients and I’m in line to buy it! (The photo above was this weeks haul alone!) I personally love the salted caramel because lets be honest, salted caramel anything is heaven! The honey is a close second for me! It’s a simple yet lightly sweet taste that is great by itself or with some fresh berries, granola or even in a smoothie! I use the vanilla for my protein shakes and I have to tell you that I always get excited seeing the vanilla bean in the little tub! I am a fan! I am so grateful for Sonia’s Instagram post that day because a simple share of a photo introduced me to a new product that I now love and buy weekly but also made me excited to eat yogurt (Or Yoghurt)!

If you like to treat your family to healthy options and give your tummy a sweet treat than I would definitely say, “I say choose Noosa”! & Tola approves too! 

Sonia’s Watermelon Noosa Pizza!

Make it at home:

– Slice of watermelon 

– Spread coconut Noosa yoghurt over the slice 

– Add berries on top

– Dress it up with coconut shavings and a drizzle of honey & Enjoy! 
 *The information regarding Noosa ingredients can be found on the Noosa Website @ – This Blog Post is Not approved by Noosa and is Not Sponsored.


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