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Cheers to you! 

I recently sat in our California Hotel suite sipping Champagne for no special occasion. Why champagne? Most people would reach for a nice glass of wine but Here’s the thing about Champagne…. I love it! 

We always see Champagne used to celebrate a moment. Wether in a movie, on a tv show or simply in photos on social media.  The team won a big game, someone tied the knot, first dates, engagements, the end of a big show….. the list could go on and on but the reality is, everyday is a celebration which is why I choose to celebrate with Champagne!  

As we began to settle down in our hotel for the upcoming 3 days while Scott attended business meetings, I chose to sip champagne in the comfort of my own time! Ok, now most of you are probably thinking, “Elle, that’s not healthy to drink alone!” or “Why would you “celebrate” with Champagne by yourself in a hotel room?” …. To some this may seem silly but to me, it seemed just right! 

Champagne is the bubbly sweetness of celebrating happy moments! It gets better! According to the New York Times article by Guy Kelly on Dec. 9, 2015, Here are 5 reasons why it’s “good” to drink Champagne! 

1. It Will improve your memory. 

2. It is good for your heart!

 3. It has less calories than Wine! (Super win if you’re like me and concerned about the extra lbs weighing in like a spare tire on your abdomen) 

4. It’s fast acting with quick recovery (this is due to the bubbly!) 

 5. It will improve your skin. – WAIT! What?! Come again? Here is an excerpt from Guy’s article : “Champagne detoxifies the skin with anti-oxidants, and its lightening tartaric acid helps even out the skin tone,” says dermatologist Marina Peredo. “For those with oily skin, its anti-bacterial properties help with breakouts.” UMMMM! Hi! Yes please! This girl!  Sign me up! 

Pretty interesting stuff right! There are many other articles from different sources sharing additional reasons to choose the bubbles – Here are some of the reasons why you should choose to celebrate – improved memory function, aids in the prevention of Dementia & can improve memory loss for those who struggle with it, improved heart health and let’s not forgot that it can help with your sex drive. As if that’s not sounding good enough…  Here’s my thoughts! Champagne makes me happy! Sometimes I’ll add a strawberry for fun or the other night I decided to pop a bottle for a friend while we uploaded images to Poshmark. Something so simple but it made it enjoyable for us! Scott poured us flutes and decided to add some fresh chopped blackberries and in an instance our photo taking, uploading session felt like a celebration! A fruity, happy, summer celebration! Champagne turns simple moments into celebrations & isn’t that how we should feel about life?! I feel joy sipping on bubbly! Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a Moscow Mule or a martini now and then and I appreciate having different cocktail experiences but there is just something magical about pouring a tall thin flute of bubbly sweetness! One of my favorite down times is running a hot bath, putting on some soft tunes and popping some bubbly! The best relaxation a women could ask for! 

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not an avid drinker at all, I’m actually pretty cautious because well, that spare tire, getting older, can’t run off 5 lbs in a week thing isn’t on my side anymore! The 30’s seem to slow those little life joys down a bit, but on the weekends or in good company I do enjoy having a social beverage. Sometimes I’ll choose the bubbly  because it’s just always a great choice in my opinion but sometimes I save it for my down time. 

 Some of the best moments of enjoying Champagne has been the simple ones! While we were enjoying our time in California I was able to experience Yoga one on one with a incredibly lovely Women from Ukraine. She was eccentric and had zest for life like no other. At the end of our beautiful session she said “come with me” and as I followed her upstairs to the main floor where the cafe is located, I waited as she snuck behind the counter (the cafe was closed at this time of night) and poured me a glass of champagne and sent me on my way. Her simple gesture and simple words “Enjoy your night, I’ll see you in the morning!” Capped off my yoga session with so much joy. I just couldn’t stop smiling! Less than 2 hours prior, we were strangers and just like that, we had bonded over yoga, laughed and shared intimate moments of renewal and then went our own ways with a cheers of life! I will never forget the way I felt that evening as I walked to my hotel room with my glass in hand just beaming! Of course I snapped all kinds of photos because I never wanted to forget the moment she helped birth! 

On day two I sat on the balcony of our suite and sipped my bubbly cup of happy while watching life happen below me. I witnessed others walking by, dogs sunbathing in the lush green grass, little bunnies hop from bush to bush in the succulent gardens and watched the sun set on another day. As I sat and reflected on my time in this beautiful place I looked up and snapped a photo and in that one snap from my iPhone, pure magic happened. No filters were necessary. The image looking back at me on my screen reminded me of the goodness that was life. I smiled as I took a sip of that little bubbly drink! This was a celebration indeed! I knew I was in a good place experiencing all of life’s grandest blessings! Here is the photo below. 

Seriously how magical is this image! Life is truly beautiful if we take a moment to stop and breathe it all in! Now let’s be honest, you don’t need champagne to enjoy these moments. You don’t need any substance or beverage at all! Life is beautiful that way….. but champagne makes the simple moments become a celebration!

 🥂 Cheers! 

2 thoughts on “Cheers to you! 

  1. Love love reading this. It is almost like with every word you transport us to that specific moment and almost can feel it. Thanks for sharing these moments of your life with all of us.


  2. Hi
    I very much enjoyed reading your blog. You have a unique delightful way with communicating. Your words are very thought provoking and challenging.

    Looking forward to reading future blogs you are sure to write. And hearing about more of your life experiences and other
    Interesting topics.

    Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you for helping all of us to have the courage to talk about things we never thought we could.



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