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Welcome to the Party

I was recently sent a message regarding something I said in a blog post.
Although I wrote the words in an open forum, sharing my thoughts at my own safe place…
I felt criticized.
Have you ever attended a party and immediately felt like someone was judging your outfit, the way you styled your hair, or even the words that you expressed in conversation? Maybe you were being the realest version of yourself but still, you felt the eyes of others staring at you with opinionated thoughts. Did that stop you from being authentically you? No way! You held your head high and rocked those amazing pumps you bought that go perfect with your dress & smiled big with the bright shade of red on your lips!
How we handle the criticism or judgements is what really defines our true authenticity of ourselves!
The truth is, my words are just that! I choose to celebrate my thoughts and ideas! I choose to share them with whoever may be interested in reading them, digesting them and interpreting them as their own defined story or explanation of my experiences. Truth be told, that's the magic of words! Anyone, anywhere can read a book, a blog, a message and interpret their own imaginative picture of the words they read but it may be quite different from the authors intentions. Isn't that beautiful?
I think it's incredible how dramatic and wild the mind can be. Our minds can take us to new places, imaginary worlds and into thoughts we may not even know existed inside of us. The only thing is, sometimes those places are dark and judgemental. I understand that the reader may not always like the turn of events that an Author chooses to write in a book, that's the magic of our thoughts and magical minds!
As I continue to share my own personal life experiences, adventures and things that I have learned, I realize it may not be everyone's cup of tea.
Ya know what?! That's cool with me!
I have learned in life that you should not (and in my case I certainly will not) apologize for your own art, writings & thoughts. In order to stay authentic with myself and you all, I have to do just that! Stay real. Continue to be open, honest and raw. I get it though, my style of expression may not be for everyone but….
You wanna know what else?! This is me!
I'm celebrating life! I'm sharing it! I'm embracing it and I'm loving it! I'm so glad I showed up for this party because this really is the best party I've ever been invited too! I want to share all about the party! I want you to know the details of the places, people and experiences. I want to share the discoveries and irony, the awes and quirks. I want to share it all because this is the Best Party I've ever attended! The good news is, I'm inviting you! Your invitation has been sent and I invite you to come attend my party!
In closing, I raise my glass and offer up a Cheers! Cheers to a life being lived! Cheers to new things! Cheers to creative art! Cheers to open expression and imagination! Cheers to you! Cheers to life!

One thought on “Welcome to the Party

  1. Beautifully said my friend. Celebrate life. People always have the choice to read or not, to agree or disagree. That’s their choice, just as it is your choice to continue to be real or not. I say real is sincere and honest and at the end….isn’t just that what we want from people?


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