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Just a Girl Loving a Boy

Just a Boy Loving a Girl

Almost 5 years ago I stepped onto a boat that belonged to a complete stranger.
I was invited by a mutual friend (unknown of what exactly I was being invited to) with zero intentions of anything happening other than getting my mind off of life. My current situation was not a great one at the time. Let's not forget to mention that on this particular day, I was extremely hungover. For no good reason, I followed my gut (although I definitely had an inner dialogue as to every reason I wanted to stay in bed) and an hour later I stepped onto the boat. Needless to say 4 years, 10 months and 13 days later, we are still exploring life together, this stranger and I.
That Saturday changed the course of life for two strangers.
We drive each other crazy. We know every flaw and scar about one another both physically and emotionally. We laugh at each other and with each other. We take on adventures together and pour our heart, blood, sweat and tears into projects and growing pains at home for the betterment of our future. We vent and share life's frustrations and life's amazing blessings.
Most importantly we share a friendship.
It's easy for couples to be smitten with one another. The Googley eyes and sweet gestures. The little flirtations and intimate moments. Those are all lovely and sweet but if you haven't established the foundation of trust and friendship then you're likely to fail. Yes, having sweet moments are lovely and wonderful in any relationship but intimacy is where it's at. I'm not talking about sex. I'm talking about making a connection as simple as it may be. Giving your person the look that assures them, "you've got a friend in me".
This year has been a pretty wild one for us. We have done lots of traveling. We have explored new places & worlds. We have invested into a huge home projects and the headaches that follow. Most importantly we have grown. Grown through trials, grown through blessings and grown through life. We have grown as individuals and as an "Us". Every moment that passes, we create another moment of our story. Another word scribbled down in our book of life. Our story takes unimaginable twists and turns and doesn't always have an expected plot but it's always written exactly as it should be.
Once you let go of your expectations and accept life fully and openly as an adventure, as another amazing day living fully alive regardless of circumstances, you realize how truly incredible your story is.
As I sit where the salt meets the water and watch the palms sway in the slightly overcast sky, I am reminded of a day not too different than today.
A day when my life seemed a bit salty and overcast and I followed my gut although I had No idea why.
Much like I will this afternoon, I climbed upon a boat and met a stranger. The difference from that day and today is that Today, that stranger is mine and we are best friends.
Sometimes you have to leap forward even when life wants you to be stagnant. You have to take the plunge into the unknown and get your head out of the equation. The heart leads to pretty wild places if you allow it to be the flashlight in your dark times. Today, 1,777 days later, I'm thankful for the man on the boat and that We are a family.
Take the leap.
– Elle

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