Organic Hand Care for the Win

Have you ever put on hand lotion and felt like it had a slimy film that made everything you touch Greasy?

That was me! I would wait until bedtime to moisturizer my skin and nails so I didn't have to touch anything. (If you know me, you know I'm pretty obsessed with my nails)
When I found Jenna Hipp's products, I had to try them out! Jenna is known for her Green approach to healthy skin and nails. She is commonly known as the "Green Celebrity Nail Stylist" to many top celebrities and has been featured in multiple magazines for her approach to the perfect Chemical Free manicure.
Her nail and skin care products are free from the chemical shit-storms we so often apply to our bodies without even realizing.

What I love most about this particular hand cream is the Dry Finish! (I'm very picky when it comes to the feeling of lotion. I love lotion but I hate the greasy feel it leaves behind.)
Dry finish – What That means is the Tapioca root that is formulated into each bottle won't leave you with a streaky mess on your phone! NO Greasy residue! Say what?!
So for those of us who can't live without our phones and want pretty hands without a greasy finish, Jenna Hipp is my pick! Still need some more reasons to give it a try? Here's a few that I think will seal the deal!
🐇 = No animal Testing.
– Organic
– Eco friendly
– Hazardous chemical free
– Naturally scented with essential oil blend
– No Artificial fragrance
– No Parabens
– No Phthalates
– No Gluten
– No Synthetic Dyes
– No PEG

So if you're looking for a great hand lotion to keep your skin and nails hydrated and healthy, Go Green with Jenna!

Find more about Jenna Hipp Products at or

Sold on Amazon, Nordstrom, TJMax, Marshalls and a handful of other common retailers.

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