Everybody loves Sumbody

Everyone deserves Sumbody!

Something I really love is discovering new skin care and beauty products, call it curiousity or just being a bit of a beauty addict. I guess that goes without question, I did become a cosmetologist after all! Funny thing is, I never actually wanted to be involved in the beauty industry but once I put my foot in the water, I immediately chose to dive right in! As I’ve gotten a little older and I’m starting to see my skin change and gravity takes its course, my preferences have certainly changed. These days I prefer to use natural products and I’m always on the hunt for new green beauty products to try! Naturally, when I hear something is handmade, I immediately want to give it a try. There’s something fun about stumbling on a new line that sparks an immediate interest. This is how I felt when I ran across Sumbody on Instagram. The more I read and saw, the more I knew I needed to try it for myself! I’ve always been a little skeptical with Handmade beauty makers. Is it really going to work? Is it going to feel nice? Is it really “all natural”? I guess I can be a bit of a critic, but it is my skin after all! As a handmade artist myself, I always try to support my fellow makers but let’s be honest, skin is something you just don’t want to mess with right! After learning more about the company, what they stand for and the ingredients in their extensive line, I was intrigued. As one of my newest discoveries, I knew right away I had to gush for a moment about how much I love these products!

As I’m writing this now, it’s late and I’ve had a hell of a day, but I decided to wind down with a little self-love! I grabbed my charcoal cleanser and gave my face a beautiful detoxifying wash this evening before my nice long hot shower and followed it up with My new favorite lip balm in coconut! The perfect way to end my day!

I’m a firm Believer in not promoting anything that you wouldn’t use yourself and I’m here to say, I absolutely love Sumbody!

Formulated from natural and effective ingredients, Sumbody is truly a quality brand that I highly recommend to everyone! Here’s a little bit about why I became interested and knew I had to give it a try!

Sumbody’s CEO, Deborah has not only spent time in the fashion/art industry but has also published multiple books and offers DIY classes for natural handmade skin care. Sumbody stands on the promise of creating pure, quality products using natural and fresh ingredients. Sumbody has a full exclusive line that touches on everything skin! There truly is something for every skin type and every person! Face masks, lotions, essential oil blends for targeting specific issues, lip balms, the list could go on and on. Deborah personally hand chooses local, organic ingredients whenever possible and puts much thought into each formula. One thing that I absolutely love about Sumbody is how very involved with the farmers, bee keepers, and everyone it takes to pull together the best possible ingredients for their customers they are! What does this mean? It means that they very carefully take the time to understand where their ingredients are sourced from and are actively involved in finding the best of the best.

It’s important to recognize that everyone’s skin is different and when you purchase Sumbody products, you can be assured that the products that you choose for your skin type are targeted according to the proper PH levels to be an actual Working solution! That means it will be active and give you the results that it says it will! There is no monkeying around with guesses or trying a million different products to find the right ones. I for one have been there, done that and it’s not only frustrating but it can get expensive real quickly!

As Sumbody says “Healthy skin is the marriage (or the, sum) of what you put in and on your body”. I love this! I often hear people talk about wanting to eat healthy and be active which I think is a wonderful way to live but how often do we think about the chemicals in our skin care product? When we use these products, we are allowing toxins to enter our bodies through our pores and our skin! Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body! I think this is a safe place to go ahead and make some changes in your skin care routine! I know what you’re thinking, “Elle, I can’t afford to try a bunch of new stuff!” Don’t worry, I’ve thought about that because I’m a sucker for a great deal on quality products myself which is why I’ve teamed up with Sumbody to offer you 20% off of your purchase! (Coupon below) I decided to team up with Sumbody to offer a discount because I believe in this company so very much, which leads me to my personal picks!

A few of my favorite products are the Coconut Lucky Lips lip balm and the Headache Zapper. As someone who is obsessed with lip balms, this is 100% my new favorite balm! I love to keep my skin and lips moisturized. I’m a little obsessive about it! Lucky lips is a beautiful blend of shea butter and essential oils that leaves my lips completely kissable! Not waxy and full of drying chemicals or petroleum like many others! Just purely beautiful luscious lips! *Elle raises her hand* “One in every flavor please!” P.s. Christmas is right around the corner! Lucky lips would make a great and affordable stocking stuffer! Just a thought! Another favorite top pick of mine is the Headache zapper! As someone who struggles with migraines and sinus headaches on a regular basis, I was eager to try this product. I despise taking pharmaceutical drugs for head pains and typically try to just fight the pain but with the headache zapper, I get relief naturally With a beautiful blend of essential oils applied right to my temples and neck. This product has been a total God send to me!

I could go on and on and write pages about the products I adore but it wouldn’t do them justice. There just that good! I highly recommend treating yourself to some self love goodies for your skin from Sumbody because Sumbody loves you!

Use code “ELLE” at checkout for 20% off of your order @

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